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L-Class-Double End Tenoning and Sanding Machine



New type of bilateral multi-function compound machine is designated as a luxury heavy-duty machine (L-CLASS), and defined as a bilateral working unit for more than 8-axis luxury composite processing machine. This new type machine can be customized based on customers’ demands, including sizing, moulding, edge banding, sanding, chamfering, grooving and other edge processing, and impose modular production.
We use individual slide guide ways instead of single base slide guide way. Depends on the requirements, lengths of the machine can reach more than 10 meters without the restriction from single base slide guide way. Moreover, benefited from individual slide guide ways, processing will be more stable as the center or gravity can be evenly distributed on the individual slide guide ways, generating smooth machine surface.


Customized working unit line can perfectly reach the product processing of customer’s requirement.
The machine sliding on high precision linear guide way to get perfect parallel at x-axis.
Feed chain track system is enhanced with precision track linkage mounted with dust-proof and free lubricated needle bearings to ensure perfect parallel at y-axis.
The high precision linear guide way + feed chain track form double crisscross movement to guarantee squaring.
Automatic positioning device with digital readout in metric, inches or Japanese inches for various operation.
No micro-adjustment required